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    In Cubans we trust: five cigars to invest in right now

    19 September 2016

    If you are looking for something to invest in, then you could do a lot worse than directing your spending on cigars. When the wonderful Cohiba Siglo VI gran reserva launched in 2009, the average price per cigar was just £35. Today you will be lucky to pick one up for ten times that price. The Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Gran Reserva was recently released and it, along with a number of other fine cigars, represent a sound investment. Here’s a guide to sticks you should be spending on…

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    Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill Gran Reserva
    The gran reserva label is added to mainline cigars that have been designated a batch of tobacco that has had an extra five years of ageing before rolling. The Wide Churchill is, as the name suggests a chunky cigar and managing to balance a refined taste with such a large amount of tobacco is tough. But trust in the skill of the Cubans, buy two boxes, smoke one and enjoy one of the great smoking experiences, then stash the second away for several years under lock and key. This will appreciate better than London property.

    Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225
    This cigar has the most novelty factor of the list. Its value comes not just from the quality of the smoke – subtle, fruity, light – but also with its backstory that it has been created in celebration of the 225th Anniversary of the family-run importers of Cuban cigars, Hunters & Frankau. It is already a fabulous cigar with a unique vitola (shape), but most cigar intelligentsia agree that it will get much better if you give it time, so it’s popularity and demand is a dead certainty to go up.

    Cohiba Robustos Supremos limited Edition 2014
    Owing to an increased popularity in larger format cigars, the 2014 limited Edition Cohiba Rubustos Supremos, with its impressive 58 ring gauge, has sold extremely well. It is limited, but it’s a younger limited edition so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your hands on stock. Take it from me that this will not last long, and as the scarcity goes up, so too will the price, or in other the words, the value of the cigars you so smartly purchased after reading this titbit.

    Bolivar Coronas Gigantes
    You don’t need a prestige label on your cigar for it to be valuable or really high quality once you set fire to it. The current price tag is about £30 per stick, which makes this market price for a double corona (just over seven-and-a-half inches), but the Cubans have now ceased production of the cabinets of 50. Not a guarantee, but this could be the starting pistol for a gradual decline. The Cubans did the same two years ago for the Trinidad Robusto Extra and the value has doubled, if you can still find one.

    Montecristo-Vitola-especial-80-Aniversario-5-Background1Montecristo 80th Anniversary
    These are not in the classic sense a limited cigar, in that the band is not a limited edition, however they are a special anniversary cigar with a one-off band, something that collectors really covet. The first batch from Cuba has more or less gone and people are jumping up and down to get their hands on the new consignment. If you can get hold of some originals from last year, these will likely be the best version as the makers would have put the most effort into the cigars when everyone was looking.

    Where to buy your cigars of choice

    Hunters and Frankau’s H&F Cigars app tells you everything you need to know about where to to buy (and smoke) cigars in the UK. Davidoff, in St James’s Street, is well worth a visit, as are the websites, James J Fox, CGars and Tomtom.

    Tom Chamberlin is editor of The Rake