Picture: Twitter: @carriesymonds

    How to survive social media during the election

    6 December 2019

    Reveal nothing

    Don’t tell them anything. Imagine you’re a spy and you’ve been captured by the enemy. That’s what social media is now. Don’t tell them which party you’re supporting, which way you leant in the referendum. Information is power. Even how you voted in the x-factor could open you up for a tirade of abuse.

    Be agreeable

    The best way to ensure peace on Twitter is to only post things no one could possibly disagree with. Steer clear of controversy with comments like ‘I think murder is bad’ or ‘Children should never be used as battering rams when locked out the house!’


    Go nuclear. Distract from politics with other opinions bound to take over your notifications. Start off with ‘Idris Elba would make a terrible Bond’ and move swiftly on to how overrated Fleabag was.

    Get a dog

    We all know what the best part of an election is and it’s not watching Andrew Neil tear apart politicians or the cringing attempts by MPs to sound hip and normal (I’m looking at you Gove)… it’s dogs at polling stations! There’s no better way to take the sting out of political differences than posting a pic of your pooch. If you don’t have one, you’re going to need to borrow one immediately and fill all our timelines with the content we deserve.

    Block words

    Block all posts containing words that are most likely to trigger a keyboard outburst that you may come to regret. There’s always one pet issue that has us reaching for the caps key and the expletives quicker than you can say Brexit. Be honest with yourself – you know your own weaknesses. In fact, maybe just delete social media altogether for the next 10 days – it’s the only way to stay sane.