How to spruce up your spare room

    26 June 2020

    When it comes to the rooms in your house, the guest bedroom usually gets the short end of the stick. With lockdown prompting many an attempt at spring cleaning, they’ve all too often become dumping grounds for the clobber we can’t find another home for.

    In light of eased lockdown restrictions effective from July 4, allowing you to invite friends and family over to stay, it’s time to bring the guest room out of hibernation.

    This doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. We’ve compiled a list of practical and budget-friendly tips:

    Cut the Clutter

    No matter how neat and tidy you are, it’s all too easy to pile up clutter in your guest room – from unopened mail to untouched exercise machines, de-cluttering is the first step to a welcoming guest bedroom.

    Clean out your closet

    Nobody likes living out of a suitcase. Providing guests with an empty closet to unpack will go a long way to making them feel at home. That means tackling the daunting wardrobe you’ve hastily filled with unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories over the past months.

    The first step is to take everything out – yes everything! Next, decide what you’re going to throw, donate or keep – labelling a plastic bag for each. Start sorting with this in mind. If you’re a notorious procrastinator, deal with the donation and trash piles as quickly as possible.

    Now, you just need to put everything from the keep pile back in your wardrobe. To better utilise your closet, investing in storage units or shelving to be placed under any hung up clothes is a good idea.


    A cluttered shelf can be an eyesore for houseguests, but coordinated and organised open shelving can become a statement of chic – there’s a reason #shelfie has been used over 2.1 million times!

    Enter, the multi-purpose shelf.

    Of course, it starts with sorting, throwing and cleaning the shelf space, but once clutter-free, you have a blank canvas for your artistic side to shine. Spruce up your open-shelving with some low-maintenance plants and scented candles – and there you go – you’ve just transformed a cluttered shelf into a dećor statement that your guests will be in awe of.

    Brighten Things Up

    The right lights can transform a room

    Supplementing a dark and dreary room with some light fixtures will instantly make it more appealing. Simply adding some lamps to bedside tables is a fantastic inexpensive way to make your guest room more welcoming.

    Choosing a lampshade sounds easy enough, but with a dark room, the wrong lampshade can prove counter-intuitive. Opaque shades are a big no-no, instead, go for a light material shade like linen that encourages the light to fill the room.

    Adding colour and patterns

    Use cushions and throws for a quick fix of colour and pattern

    Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a 15,000 square foot mansion, the bed is likely the focal piece of furniture in your guest room – cleverly placing accessories like cushions and throws will make the room appear visually brighter and more spacious.

    Depending on the colour scheme of your guest bedroom, complimenting your bed with some bright coloured or patterned cushions and throws will add a dash of personality while making your guestroom look brighter.

    Keep it Clean

    Most guests will notice and judge you on how clean your house is or isn’t – and even if we don’t like to admit it, we do it too. And with the global pandemic, people are more hygiene-conscious than ever.

    Aside from the obvious need for new sheets, have fresh towels at the ready and deep clean the bathroom.

    Make it personal

    One way to make guests feel truly welcome is to replicate what they love most about their own home.

    Comfortable bedding, soft pillows and a high-quality mattress lay the foundations.  For guests who work around the clock, provide a desk, ideally next to a charging station for added convenience. Or, for visitors who are keen readers, offer a quality headboard and a reading light to make them feel extra comfortable. If you have family coming over for the first time in months, hanging some family photos is a great way to remind your loved ones they are always welcome.

    A lick of paint

    Decorating your guest room doesn’t mean you need to play it safe. Instead, your guest room is the perfect spot to experiment with decor trends that you may not want to live with all the time in your own bedroom. Ditch the Brilliant White and bring in darker colours for a sense of intimacy and cosiness for your houseguests. The key to using dark colours in your guest room is to create a striking balance with two or three darker tones – if you have deep blue walls, break it up with a lighter shade elsewhere.

    Tips and advice provided by Direct Painting Group