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    Obama likes a pint

    How to drink like a president

    4 November 2020

    As Washington, DC prepares to take prime position on the political stage with the 2020 Presidential Elections today, you can mark this moment in history by making some of the former president’s favourite cocktails from the comfort of your own home. While both Trump and Biden are lifelong non drinkers, most past presidents have been known to enjoy a tipple or two. Whether it’s a Dry Martini like Nixon, a cold beer like Obama or a Mint Julep like Teddy Roosevelt, here are some of the former presidents’ favourite tipples and recipes so you can make them for yourself. After all, it’s always five o’ clock somewhere…

    Teddy Roosevelt: Minty fresh

    The Mint Julep – made with rum and bourbon

    Former President Teddy Roosevelt’s tipple of choice was none other than the classic Mint Julep. Made from bourbon, sugar, rum and of course mint, it is thought that President Roosevelt enjoyed his juleps garnished with the freshest mint possible – straight from the White House’s herb garden

    Make it yourself:

    • 65ml bourbon
    • 10 mint leaves
    • 12.5ml 2:1 sugar syrup
    • ice, cubes and crushed
    • Big mint sprig for the garnish

    Shake the bourbon, mint leaves and sugar syrup with ice and strain into a highball glass or julep tin filled with crushed ice. Churn gently with a long-handled spoon and top with more crushed ice. Garnish and serve.

    Richard Nixon: Shaken not stirred at The Monocle Restaurant

    The dry martini was a favourite of Richard Nixon

    Arguably the most political cocktail, the signature Dry Martini is thought to be drink of choice for former President Richard Nixon. It is supposedly the last drink he had before stepping down as president in August 1974. Made of Vermouth, dry gin, and ice, it is thought that Nixon preferred his martini shaken…not stirred.

    Make it yourself:

    • 4-6 green olives, pitted, plus 25ml of the brine
    • ice
    • 150ml London dry gin
    • 25ml dry vermouth

    Put two martini glasses in the fridge to chill. Thread the olives onto two cocktail sticks and set aside. Fill a jug or mixing glass with the ice, then pour in the gin, vermouth, and olive brine. Stir until the outside of the jug feels cold. Taste to make sure that it’s icy cold and that you’re happy with the dilution. Strain the mix into the chilled glasses and garnish with the olive skewers.

    Ronald Reagan: The Orange Blossom at The Round Robin Bar

    The Orange Blossom, beloved by Ronald Reagan

    A classic prohibition-era cocktail, the Orange Blossom was former President Ronald Reagan’s favourite tipple. Known as the ‘movie star’ president, it is no surprise that President Reagan enjoyed this equally glamourous cocktail, made of vodka, grenadine, and fresh orange juice.

    Make it yourself:

    • 30ml London Dry Gin
    • 10ml Cointreau
    • 30ml fresh orange juice
    • 10ml lime juice
    • 1 dash grenadine syrup
    • Orange wedge
    • Crushed ice

    Frost the glass rim with bar sugar and put in the freezer to chill. Take cocktail shaker and fill with 2/3 ice. Add the first five ingredients in and shake well. Strain and pour chilled mixed drink in the chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange wedge and serve.

    Barack Obama

    Obama likes a pint

    Barack was famously a beer fan and even developed his own White House ale whilst in office using honey from hives kept in the grounds. Fancing trying Obama’s favourite tipple? You can buy craft honey beer here .

    Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton shares a drink with Peruvian president Alan Garcia (Getty)

    Bill Clinton enjoyed making snakebites as a student – hard cider mixed with beer – and, since he completed part of his studies at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, he can’t be averse to a good old British pint too.

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