How to change a tyre: are women better at it than men?

    24 June 2020

    2 in 5 women have never changed a tyre whilst 80 per cent say they lack the confidence to give it a go, compared to one in ten men.  But a new game Tyres on the Drive  is giving both sexes a helping hand in the mechanics department. The game pioneered by Halfords requires you to virtually change a tyre without making a mistake which includes key stages such as selecting the right tools for the job, unscrewing a locking wheel nut, and jacking up the car.

    You may think you know can pull off the task easily but 7,884 people had a go at the test and despite their high confidence (68 per cent), many would have felt deflated as 9 in 10 were unable to complete the process without making a mistake. What’s even more alarming is that 82 per cent admitted they had changed a tyre before – and probably did a bad job of it too!

    Interestingly, the women who took the test having never changed a tyre before were more likely to know what tools to pick than the men. Of those women that had experience, 83 per cent selected the correct tools first time compared to 79 per cent of men, showing that perhaps more women should get stuck in next time there’s a puncture.

    In general, women lacked confidence and experience however they didn’t let this affect their performance, 7 per cent of women completed the challenge without making a single mistake, compared to 9 per cent of men and of the women who completed all stages correctly.

    You can have a go at the game for yourself here.

    And here’s a simple 10-step guide:

    1. Apply the locking wheel nut key. Unscrew the lug nuts with the wheel brace by turning it ¼ to ½ counter-clockwise.
    2. Place the jack underneath the vehicle frame alongside the tyre that’s flat.
    3. Raise the vehicle until the flat tyre is about six inches above the ground.
    4. Unscrew the lug nuts.
    5. Remove the flat tyre and place somewhere safe.
    6. Mount the spare tyre onto the lug bolts.
    7. Tighten the lug nuts by hand.
    8. Use the jack to lower the vehicle.
    9. Tighten lug nuts with the wheel brace.
    10. You’re done!