Globe trotting: Adventure holidays big kids will love

    28 November 2018

    1. Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, Florida

    The mission to Mars starts here. Budding astronauts can take one giant leap into Kennedy Space Center’s astronaut training programme, ATX (age 10+). Explore the red planet using virtual reality, spacewalk in a microgravity chair while making repairs to your ship and drive a space buggy. Set up camp at Mars Base 1 with your new crew and help Nasa with botanical experiments crucial for their 2020 departure. Conduct rescue missions and program robots. Come back to earth for lunch with an astronaut and experience the g-force of a space shuttle launch. Time your visit right and you can see the real thing.

    2. Zip World, Wales

    If you could have any super power what would it be? For the many who would say flight then Velocity 2, the fastest zip line in the world, is as close as it gets (age 10+). Lie into your harness and hurtle down Penrhyn Quarry at up to 125mph while doing your best Superman pose. For those not quite brave enough, or old enough, Zip World has two more sites close by with forest coasters, treetop nets and cavernous trampolines (age 3+).

    3. Hossa National Park, Finland

    Ride a sled pulled by huskies or learn to build your own igloo in a true winter wonderland in northern Scandinavia. Experience the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, nature’s own cinematic masterpiece. The aurora borealis has long been as fascinating as it is elusive. Particles of light dash across the sky into a canvas of colour. But be warned, pilgrims can go for a neck-craning week without ever seeing the lights.