Want to stay warm this winter? Then get naked, wear mittens and tuck into a curry

    27 November 2014

    Brrr, getting chilly out there, isn’t it? Here are some proven – and perhaps surprising – ways to keep warm and cosy in cold weather:

    1. Sip a hot drink
      There’s actually not much evidence to back this up, but, let’s face it, cupping your hands round a steaming mug of cocoa and feeling the hot liquid go down is a very comforting thing.
    2. Cuddle up naked
      One way of warming someone with hypothermia is to remove clothes and lie naked against the unclothed victim. It will work just as well on a cold night in bed with your partner.
    3. Eat well
      Food is a crucial source of energy, which will warm your body. And just slaving over a hot stove will help take off the chill.
    4. And, specifically, tuck into a chilli
      Scientists have found that the spicy substance in hot peppers called capsaicin actually generates body heat when you eat it. As an added bonus, it’s also been shown to help with weight loss.
    5. Wear layers
      Start off with underwear made from polypropylene or other synthetic fibre, which drains sweat away from your body, so that your own sweat can’t cool you down. Wear a fleece on top and finish off with a windproof jacket.
    6. Make sure your boots are big enough
      Footwear that’s too small or stuffed with thick socks will prevent blood circulating efficiently, making your feet even colder.
    7. Keep your torso warm
      When it’s very cold, the extremities suffer first (think chilblains and, in extreme cases, frostbite), as the blood rushes back to protect the vital organs. Make sure your body is warm and the rest of you should stay toasty too.
    8. Wear mittens
      Keeping your fingers together, rather than separated in gloves, will allow you to create more body heat. Just don’t wear mittens if you want to do anything that requires dexterity.