Henri Matisse at work Getty)

    Gallery: Matisse in the Studio

    25 July 2017

    The Royal Academy’s Matisse in the Studio exhibition, which runs from August 5 to November 12, explores the eclectic collection of treasures that the French artist amassed during his lifetime. From Buddhist statues from Thailand and Bamana figures from Mali to furniture and textiles from north Africa, Matisse’s collection of unusual and surprising pieces adorned his studio in Nice and often directly inspired his paintings and sculptures – a link that will be made explicit in this new show with works by the artist displayed alongside exhibits borrowed from his personal collection. For more information and to book tickets, go here. See below for a sneak preview of the exhibition.

    The Italian Woman, by Matisse, The Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation/Art Resource

    Still Life with Shell by Matisse, private collection

    The Moorish Screen by Matisse, Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Yellow Odalisque by Matisse, The Samuel S White III and Vera White Collection (Philadelphia Museum of Art)

    A late 19th-early 20th century cloth from Haiti, North Africa (Fran Fernandez)

    Two Women by Matisse, from the Smithsonian Institution (Lee Stalsworth)

    Jomooniw male and female figures from Mali (Robert Monnier)

    Safrano Roses at the Window by Matisse, private collection