Pearl props up the bar at the Rosemary Branch in north London

    Gallery: Great British Pub Dogs

    16 October 2017

    Meet the Great British Pub Dogs, tracked down by Paul Fleckney, a Spectator Life contributor, and photographer Abbie Lucas, who visited nearly 70 pubs around the country, and compiled a book to document their adventures. 

    ‘It took about eight months to gather all the material for the book, travelling from Dunblane to Devon, Whitstable to north Wales,’ says Paul. ‘We visited pubs of almost every different kind you can imagine – country retreat, foodie haven, back-street boozer, community hub, trendy bar and everything in-between. What united them all was a sense of warmth, conferred on them by the simple act of having a resident dog. That “homely” feel that so many pubs strive for can be achieved, it turns out, in an instant.’

    Paul adds that he and Abbie were keen to capture ‘a uniquely British phenomenon’ – and says that ‘it’s hard not to be a little bit envious of the perfect lives the dogs get to live, with plenty of human attention and lots of treats from the kitchen’.

    See below for a gallery featuring some of the stars of Great British Pub Dogs and snippets from the book (published by Little, Brown, £12.99). For more information and to buy a copy go here.

    New Inn at Cross, Somerset

    A cocker spaniel on a strict vegetarian diet because ‘the pub dog lifestyle was taking it’s toll. His favourite snacks are cucumber and red pepper.

    Chandos Arms, Colindale, London

    A dalmatian who resides at a pub originally built for RAF pilots in World War Two, and where Ed Sheeran played before he was signed. Coco once ate an entire loaf of bread and the chewing gum off the bottom of the pub tables. Other bad habits include moulting and flatulence.

    The Doghouse, Edinburgh

    An English bulldog living in Scotland, who understands French, Hero is a celebrity on the Edinburgh pub circuit. His owner Ash filled the pub with soft play balls for his birthday – and Hero tried to destroy them all.

    Quayside, Whistable, Kent

    A King Charles spaniel who loves to sleep in the pub window under a duvet. She’ll say hello to anyone as long as they have a comfy lap. The world’s worst guard dog, she is known for completely ignoring the burglar alarm.

    Dog and Duck, Soho

    A brindle bull mastiff who is described as ‘lazy, loyal and gentle’. His claim to fame: he was once stroked by Sir Paul McCartney in Soho Square.

    Malibu Hearthrob                                          
    Angel Inn, Wangford, Suffolk

    A poodle, also known Boo, who comes with a great pedigree – her mum, Mayfair Margarita, won ‘Junior Bitch’ at Crufts 2013.

    The Woolpack, Esholt, Yorkshire

    A short-haired miniature daschund who resides at a pub best-known for being Emmerdale’s local for more than 20 years. The Yorkshire Daschund Club meet regularly at the pub, with 30 dogs in attendance, and Frank leads the walk.

    The Sun Trevor, Denbighshire, Wales

    A Hungarian vizla who can usually be found sat by the pub’s fire. She’s friendly to everyone, except a regular called Mike who accidentally scared her once.

    Ochre, Rufus, Rosie, Ruby and Twiglet                
    Hassocks Hotel, Hassocks, Sussex

    Four red setter siblings who love nothing better than a camping holiday and a day at the beach. Young scamp Rufus hates being woken up when he’s on the pub sofa, and is partial to a Peperami.