A drawing of a Ferrari 166-195 Sport Coupé

    Gallery: Ferrari exhibition at the Design Museum

    21 November 2017

    The illustrious history of Ferrari is explored and celebrated in Under the Skin, a new exhibition at the Design Museum. The story starts more than 70 years ago, when Enzo Ferrari first came up with his dream machine in a post-Second World War Italy, and goes on to cover the design and manufacturing process, Ferrari’s famous clientele and the future of the brand. The exhibition features a number of cars, including the very first Ferrari and one of Michael Schumacher’s Formula One vehicles. There are also original hand-drawn sketches, design models and engines, rare photographs and films. See below for a sneak peek at Ferrari: Under the Skin, which is open now and runs until April 15, 2018. To book tickets, go here.

    Enzo Ferrari (third from right) inspects work at the Ferrari factory in 1947 (Ronald Stern archives, photo by Malcolm Griffiths)

    Ferrari’s lined up at the Design Museum (Photo by Luke Hayes)

    Another exhibit at the Design Museum (Photo by Luke Hayes)

    Kimi Raikkonen at the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi

    The first Ferrari win in a grand prix valid for the Formula 1 World Championship in 1951

    The pit crew ready and waiting at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2017

    Ferraris of the non-red variety at the Design Museum show (Luke Hayes)

    The Ferrari California on the modern day production line

    The finishing touches