The race for the White House is almost run (Getty)

    Five places to watch the US election in London

    26 October 2016

    If you fancy staying up on November 8 to see if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump triumphs in the race for the White House, but aren’t keen on watching from the comfort of your own sofa, here’s a handy guide to the capital’s best US election night parties. Along with the political drama, be prepared for an American-style blow out – whiskey, beer and junk food all feature prominently…

    The Lexington, Angel
    After the success of its previous election night bash four years ago, The Lexington is once again pulling an all-nighter. The results from across the pond will be relayed via big screens on both floors of the pub, with speciality American beer and bourbon flowing freely. It’s great value, too, with entry free prior to 11pm and just £3 after that. Opening hours: 10pm-6am


    Dinerama, Shoreditch
    An all-night party at StreetFeast’s Dinerama street food and drinks venue (pictured above), co-hosted by PopBitch, will feature an all you can eat street food buffet of chicken wings, ribs, pizza, donuts and plenty more. Ticket holders get a free pint of Goose Island 312 beer (President Obama’s favourite, apparently) and a shot of bourbon. There will also be a survivor’s breakfast and coffee served to those who make it to the bitter end (or not so bitter end, depending on your political persuasion). As well being able to watch the results and stuff your face, you’ll also be able to pass the time by playing games such as Pin the Toupée on Trump and take part in a swing state prediction competition. Tickets cost £53. Opening hours: 8pm-5am.

    Riley’s Sports Bar, Haymarket
    This party hosted by Parliament Street think tank and the newly launched campaign group Conservative Progress will carry the action from America across 15 big screens. The venue will be decked out in US flags and American-themed buffet will be laid on to help you power through to morning. Tickets cost £19.50. Opening hours: 9.30pm-6am


    K Bar at The Kensington Hotel, Queen’s Gate
    Head to The K Bar to watch all the election drama and enjoy American food, including cheese steak, Cobb salad and chili-cheese dogs, whipped up by The Kensington’s executive chef Steve Gibbs. Tickets cost £20 and include a complimentary Hell Toupée cocktail, a twist on a classic Manhattan. Other speciality cocktails on the menu for one night only include Swing State and Democratic Immunity. Opening hours: 6pm-6am.

    The American Bar at The Stafford, St James’s
    The quirkily decorated American Bar at the Stafford Hotel will be a fine place to watch the votes roll in. The menu for the night includes T.Rump salt beef and Clinton Club sandwiches. Burgers can be ‘Trumped up’ to include foie gras, truffle and gold leaf. For a sugar burst to help you push on till dawn, s’mores, toasted marshmallow sandwiches, in this case made with Oreos, will be served up. Tickets cost £20. Opening hours: 9pm-3am