Julian Barrett as Mindhorn

    Julian Barrett as Mindhorn

    Five films to see in May

    5 May 2017

    Alien: Covenant (May 12)

    Despite a mixed reception from critics, Prometheus, proved to be a huge hit back in 2012 and this sequel to that Alien prequel once again sees Ridley Scott in the director’s chair. The story goes that the crew of the colony ship, Covenant, are heading for a planet on the far side of the galaxy when they discover a seemingly uncharted paradise – ‘seemingly’ being the operative word…

    Mindhorn (May 5)

    Mindhorn takes its name from a fictional 1980s TV series about a detective fitted with a bionic eye that allows him to ‘see truth’. On the Isle of Man. Years later, Richard Thorncroft,  the actor who played Mindhorn, returns to the island to help catch a real-life serial killer. This is a defiantly silly caper with elements of Alan Partridge and Toast of London – Julian Barratt does sterling work as the washed-up, wig-wearing thespian.

    Jawbone (May 12)

    2017 is shaping up well for fans of boxing movies with this one, starring and written by Johnny Harris, entering the ring first, to be followed later in the year by Paddy Considine’s Journeyman. Jawbone focuses on the fortunes of Jimmy McCabe, a former youth champion who has hit rock bottom and returns to the gym of his childhood to try and salvage his life and career. Ray Winstone, Ian McShane and Michael Smiley all co-star.

    Lady Macbeth (out now)

    Critics have gone potty for this brooding and violent low-budget British film, set in Victorian-era northern England. Florence Pugh’s turn as the Shakespeare-inspired central character has garnered great praise, in particular, and debutant director William Oldroyd is clearly one to keep an eye on.

    The Other Side of Hope (May 26)

    Another one for the art house crowd is the latest from Finnish director, Aki Kaurismäki, who specialises in absurdist, deadpan comedy. This companion piece to his excellent 2011 picture, Le Havre, tells the story of a friendship between a Helsinki restaurant owner and a Syrian refugee. Kaurismäki won the Berlin Silver Bear for best director for his work here. Also worthy of consideration is The Red Turtle (May 26), the latest from Studio Ghibli – an extraordinarily beautiful, dialogue-free cartoon about a man trapped on a desert island.