Dropping off after lunch is good for you

    22 October 2015

    Apparently the siesta — so beloved on the Continent — might actually be good for you. New research has found that taking naps regularly could help improve health, with just an hour-long nap each afternoon being beneficial as it is associated with reduced blood pressure. This is according to research conducted by Dr Manolis Kallistratos, a Greek cardiologist. Presenting his finding, Dr Kallistratos said: ‘Two influential UK Prime Ministers were supporters of the midday nap. Winston Churchill said that we must sleep sometime between lunch and dinner while Margaret Thatcher didn’t want to be disturbed at around three p.m. According to our study they were right because midday naps seem to lower blood pressure levels.’ We here at Spectator Health are great fans of the afternoon nap and plan to introduce this across the office. If you wish to find us and the office seems quiet, we may well be curled up under our desks getting 40 winks.