David Cameron’s choice of welly dampens the mood at Hunter

    8 March 2016

    In Anthony Seldon’s biography Cameron at 10, a curious passage laid bare the Prime Minister’s desire to be seen as a man of the people. On a trip to visit the flooded Somerset Levels in 2014, David Cameron left his green Hunter wellies at home over fears that the boots — which retail at around £130 — would make him look like a posh boy. To solve the problem, he sent an aide to buy him a cheap pair from Asda. Alas Cameron’s efforts failed to impress punters, with voters citing his ‘shiny new pair of wellingtons’ as a turn off at the polls.


    Now the creative director of Hunter has offered his take on the brand snub. Alasdhair Willis, who is married to Stella McCartney, thinks Cameron’s approach to the brand could be improved; ‘I’d like to see our PM supporting a British brand.’ In order to win Cameron over, Willis wants to start making Hunter products in northern Britain again.

    Still, should Willis be that keen on convincing Cameron to wear the brand in public, Miss Steerpike suggest he ought to consider lowering the price tag.