Fireworks explode behind an effigy of US presidential candidate Donald Trump before it is burned (image: Getty)

    Britain’s most spectacular Bonfire Night celebrations

    27 October 2017

    Remember, remember the fifth of November, as the folk rhyme goes – and these days Bonfire Night celebrations across the country are more memorable than ever. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites…

    Lewes, Sussex

    Lewes Bonfire Night (Sad Sack Photography)

    This small town near Brighton has become famous for its Guy Fawkes Night celebrations. More than 60,000 visitors descend to witness the burning of effigies of topical figures, marching bands and parades. There are also ‘barrel run’ races in which competitors pulls flaming tar barrels down the high street.  This year’s celebration is being held on November 5 and to watch one of the firework displays up close a ‘fire site’ ticket must be purchased in advance. For more information, go here.

    Ottery St Mary, Devon

    Flaming tar barrels in Ottery (Getty)

    More flaming tar barrels will be on display at Ottery St Mary’s Bonfire Night festivities. Pubs in the centre of Ottery each sponsor a single barrel. Once the barrels are lit outside the pubs, they are hoisted up onto local people’s backs and shoulders. All in all, 17 barrels are set alight and carried through the streets of the town. If the thought of getting up close to the flames doesn’t terrify you, then take a look the further information here. This year’s event takes place on November 4.

    Edenbridge, Kent

    Members of various bonfire societies take part in the torch lit procession through the streets of Edenbridge (Getty)

    Each year, since 1928, Edenbridge’s bonfire committee has put on a firework display and procession for the public, but this Bonfire Night celebration is best known for its celebrity effigies. Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump ‘Guys’ have gone up in flames in recent years. For more information about this event, which takes place on November 3, go here.

    Battle, Sussex

    Heading into Battle (

    The town of Battle celebrates Bonfire Night in style. And this year’s Battel Bonfire Night, on November 3, will include a procession and a spectacular firework display, plus children’s fancy dress and ‘build a Guy’ competitions. All the information you need is here.

    Midsummer Common, Cambridge

    Fireworks go off in Cambridge (Cambridge Live Trust/Flickr)

    The Bonfire Night party (November 3) is a fantastic family occasion, with a  firework display, huge bonfire and food stalls. There are also fairground rides to keep the kids entertained throughout the evening. Find out more here.

    Skinningrove Bonfire, Yorkshire

    A Skinningrove bonfire (Getty)

    This centrepiece of this coastal village’s Bonfire Night celebrations is always a huge wooden structure being set alight by the sea front. This year’s theme is ‘winter wonderland’ and the celebrations are taking place on November 5. Find out more here.