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    Bip Ling’s Dahl-ling Dahl recipe

    8 February 2020

    This is one of my favourite dishes to cook for my friends. It’s called the Dahl-ling and it’s the backbone to my bounce. It takes me back to precious mooch moments being with my child-hood mentor – my Indian Grandmother Didas, who still empowers me to this day with her secret ways.

    Dadu my Indian Grandfather taught me the most important part of the recipe: wash the lentils 3 times till the water is clear. Silky or smooth you can decide as you stir.  It’s a comfort dish – I absolutely fudging wuuuub it. What’s the secret ingredient you ask? To sing to it and stir it: turmeric, garlic, red onion, ghee and pink Himalayan salt.

    Didas taught me this recipe, I’ve made it so many times that I now have my way of cooking it which suits my tongue perfectly. You get me yar, this Dahl-ling is essential for Mooching Bopping and Bipping! I recently made a giant pot of Dahl-ling for a friends b-day bash – it’s everyone’s favourite. It’s great for the vegans too; just add courgette and tomato. Cooking the Dahl-ling is a sacred moment as you stir and mix the pot: thank God whilst you reach the next dimoochsion.

    Lots of Wub,

    Wub Bip Ling xo

    Bip Ling's Dahl-ling Dahl recipe

    Bip Ling’s Dahl-ling Dahl recipe


    Serves: 4
    Red Split Lentils: 1/1/2 teacup
    Water to boil and add as required on desired thickness. Approx: 3 cups or more
    Turmeric: 1/2 Teaspoon
    Pink Himalayan Salt: 1:1/2 Teaspoon or desired taste
    Onion: 1 large or 2 medium. Cut in length
    Garlic: 3/4cloves; chopped
    Green Chilli or Red or both; 2; seeded
    Dry Chilli; 2
    Onion seed: 1/4 spoon
    Chilli flakes for garnish 1/4 spoon
    Oil: To fry onions 4 Tablespoons
    Ghee; Bipasha’s Mooch Munch Ghee for Garnish
    Fresh Coriander: for Garnish
    Could be jazzy with adding;
    Fresh Tomato and desired vegetable to make a hearty and healthy food
    Serve with Rice, Paratha Nun Bread


    The Dahl-ling can be served as a soup. However, plenty of people enjoy eating it with rice or Naan. Make sure you prepare the Rice before you make the garnish so you can switch it on to boil once you’ve put the garnish into the lentils.

    Serves 4:

    1. Wash the red split lentils 3 times 1/1/2, until the water is clear.
      This is very important as it will make the Dahl smooth..
    2. Put double the amount of split lentils – water !
      put on the cooker ring to boil, add a tea spoon of tumeric
      mix and stir the lentils, add boiled water for desired thickness
      Remove the froth as it boils.
    3. Another version of Dahl is to add Vegetables Yar!
      Have the lentils cooking while you chop the onions and garlic.
      I personally like to cut them small and in different shapes, not to organised if you know what I mean – again, your preference.
    4. To make the garnish If you are vegan put 4 tablespoons of your preferred oil into a separate hot pan.
    5. Ghee optional as Vegans don’t use. I usually use 3 tablespoons of Bipasha’s Mooch Munch Ghee
    6. when it turns hot, add a 1/4 of onion seeds
      1:1/2 tea spoon of pink Himalayan salt, the onions and garlic.
      Now stir until it turns a golden, almost red colour.
    7. At this point the lentils should be boiled. Quickly pour the garnish into the lentils and stir. Add more water if desired. Add vegetables and tomatoes and chilli if desired too.

    Tip: always wash the rice 3 times, this will make your rice fluffy. Garnish the Dahl-Ling with chilli flakes and enjoy.