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    Recipe: Coconut ice

    16 April 2020

    YUMMMMYYYY! Moochie Mooch Coconut Ice hits the spot. It’s easy and fun to make especially during these times of Coronavirus Creativity. I’ve more time to cook/draw/sing and bop which makes me happy so yaaaaar it’s good to look at the good side of this virus lock down drama dahl-lings! Come mooch bop with me on co co co co co nut ice bop bop bop!!!! Reminds me of the pink Cherry Blossom bopping up at the moment.

    What’s more I’m sure you can find all the simple ingredients in the cup cup cup cup cupboard – stay healthy and safe and enjoy bopping in da kitchen!

    Lots of Wub

    Bip Ling xoxoxo

    Bip Ling’s coconut ice


    450g sweetened condensed milk
    450g icing sugar, sifted + extra for dusting bling bling
    400g desiccated coconut
    Pink Edible food colouring, you can use blue, red, orange, purple – you choose.


    • Mix together the condensed milk and icing sugar in a large bowl with a mooch wooden spoon. The mixture will get hard and stiff. Work the desiccated coconut into the mix oi oi until it’s well mooched together! YAR! Moochdimension here we come!
    • Half of the mix you want pink (or whatever colour you desire innit yar!) and the other white. Split the mix into two and knead a very small amount of food colouring into one half. Dusty Dust Duuuuussttttt Dust up that cooking board with ice ice baby icing sugar, shape each half into a smooth mooch rectangle (or just mooch shape) and place one on top of da other.
    • Rollin’ roll with a rolling ting pin pin pon pin pon pin pin, re-shaping with your mitts every couple of rolls, until you have a Mooch shape of two-tone coconut ice about 4cm thick.
    • Bop onto a plate and leave on an uncovered over night so it sets.  Cut into squares and enjoy. If you wanna save some for later bop em in an airtight container or bag – hat will make ya sweet treat last for about a month!