Bella (right) and Esther Freud at last night's launch

    Bella Freud’s scent and sensibility

    7 September 2016

    Bella Freud has built a career on her eye for a witty slogan and her distinctive, quirky handwriting – the sort that French teachers would have nightmares about. So it was with a beginning-of-term feeling that Miss S went to Fenwick of Bond Street last night to celebrate the launch of her new scent, ‘Close to my Heart’, and pop-up shop.

    We spotted model and actress Gala Gordon and asked whether she, too, was getting the going-back-to-school vibe. ‘I don’t go to school,’ she said pityingly. No, no, Miss S explained, it’s just a metaphor for the autumn blues. ‘Oh,’ said Gordon. ‘Well I love this September, because it’s the second time I’ve collaborated with Bella on a campaign.’

    Gala Gordon

    Gala Gordon

    Toeing the party line slightly less rigorously was Freud herself, who grinned mischievously as she said that her favourite thing about this time of year is ‘the smell of burning.’ Surprisingly, for someone who likes their nostrils singed, she didn’t make it to any of the Great Fire of London commemorations. Stylist Martha Ward and actress Sophie Kennedy Clark were also in attendance, as were Freud’s biographer husband James Fox and novelist sister Esther Freud (with an excitable teenage daughter in tow.)

    ‘Bella’s definitely my favourite Freud,’ artist Philip Colbert confided. ‘She’s the best for winter – she makes jumpers and candles. Come the nuclear apocalypse, it’s Bella who’ll be remembered. Lucian may be able to paint, but he can’t keep you warm.’