A reliable obesity survey? Fat chance

    29 December 2014

    More excellent news for Team UK. Apparently we are now the second fattest people in Europe – and are rapidly catching up on the humongous, goulash-obsessed Hungarians, who currently hold the coveted number one spot. However – the news gets better. The survey was undertaken before Christmas Day: the morbidly obese Magyars tend to eat low-cal fish for their seasonal dinner, whereas we consume vast amounts of turkey, potatoes roasted in goose fat, steamed puddings, brandy butter, orange or mint flavoured Matchmakers and Terry’s Chocolate Orange (counts as one of your five a day, I think). So we may well have caught up already. On the other hand, much of our Christmas Day gluttony will have been worked off punching people in the queues for the Boxing Day sales, whereas there’s nothing to buy in Hungary. Swings and roundabouts, etc. Does anyone who is not blinded by an absolutist ideology believe this rubbish?