A quarter of men over 50 have stopped having sex

    6 June 2019

    More than one in four British men over 50 are no longer having sex, according to new research by Lumen. The findings also revealed that almost a third of men (29 per cent) have become ‘a little’ or ‘much’ less adventurous when it comes to amorous activity.

    When questioned on why they’ve become less adventurous sexually, more than half blame an underactive libido as a cause, while 36 per cent say its due to chronic physical pain. Some also cite body insecurities are a key cause. The research also reveals that of the men who still do participate in sexual activities, only one in 10 use Viagra to stay sexually active.

    Cosmo Landesman, the sex and dating journalist and Spectator contributor, said: “The fact so little men use Viagra is not surprising to me. The negative conations related to Viagra can be off-putting and demeaning for men of a certain age. The idea of a pill to ‘cure erectile dysfunction’ suggests something negative and can be so emasculating for men they’d rather not partake in the deed at all”.

    Antoine Argouges, co-founder and CEO of Lumen said: “There’s a number of reasons why older men aren’t having sex anymore, but for those who’d like to change that, there’s no shame in trying something new. Single men could get onto the dating app scene to meet new people, for example, while those in a relationship could start a dialogue with their partner about any concerns or desires. Regardless, meaningful and genuine connections with others don’t stop being important once someone is older, so we feel it’s important to raise awareness of this data during Men’s Health Week as part of our goal to encourage healthy and safe relationships among over 50s.”