A side order of luteolin

    A side order of luteolin

    A herbal helper for HRT

    22 October 2015

    In order to counter the unwanted effects of the menopause, millions of women around the world receive hormone replacement therapy (HRT) made up of a combination of oestrogen and progestin. Past research has shown that such treatment could increase the risk of breast cancer. A new study, however, has found that luteolin — a type of flavonoid found naturally in herbs and vegetables — can help to reduce this risk. Rich sources of luteolin include thyme, celery, parsley and broccoli. The study found that luteolin helped to produce an anti-tumour effect, in that it caused the blood vessels that feed the cancer cells to decrease and reduced the stem-cell-like properties of the cells, which normally promotes cancer-cell development. Although the study was done in a laboratory, the findings suggest that luteolin helps to prevent or disrupt the growth of tumours in a number of ways, opening up the possibility for developing drugs in the future. It is a fascinating insight into how diet can help fight cancer.