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    9 American dishes to eat on election night

    2 November 2020


    What a melt (Photo: Samuel Pollen)

    What better way to await the result than by tucking into these American bonfire night classics? Combining four ingredients, cooking doesn’t come simpler than this.

    Toffee apples

    Guy Fawkes fruit

    Since bonfire nights across the country have been put on hold this year, what better way to commiserate than with this tasty American treat? If the election result doesn’t go the way you hoped, they make the perfect consolation prize. Here’s how to pull them off.

    Banoffee pie

    Banoffee Pie. Credit: Samuel Pollen

    Even the most proficient chefs don’t realise that the secret to pulling off banoffee pie is not banana or toffee (although both are helpful) but coffee. The Vintage Chef Olivia Potts shows you how here.

    Corned beef hash

    Making a hash of things

    Not only is this an archetypal stateside winter warmer, it’s also incredibly simple to make. Perfect for a cosy night in where you can forgo the pressure to entertain and focus instead on comfort food. Try the recipe here.

    Pumpkin pie

    Perfect pie (Photo: Samuel Pollen)

    Wondering what to do with all that leftover pumpkin from Halloween – a tradition we’re rapidly importing from America? Well, this pumpkin pie is the answer. Yes, pumpkin is a vegetable but it’s also gloriously sweet when combined with the right ingredients. Need convincing? Try it for yourself here.

    Homemade burger buns

    A slice of Americana

    Nothing screams America like a hamburger. Put a homemade twist on your own attempts with these delicious buns that spring up like magic from the baking sheet when you press them down with your palm.

    Baked vanilla cheesecake

    A work of art

    Every country has its own beloved form of cheesecake. The Italians use ricotta and the Germans quark, while Polish recipes call for a local curd cheese called twaróg. But it was the invention of cream cheese in the late 19th century in New York that gave cheesecake a spiritual home. Here’s how to make this American classic.

    Chocolate brownies

    Brownies at their best (Samuel Pollen)

    This incredible chocolate brownie recipe recently had a moment on Twitter when our very own The Vintage Chef shared it during The Great British Bake Off’s Brownie challenge. If only the contestants had followed its (admittedly quirky) advice – plenty of kitchen tears could have been avoided! Olivia Potts’ secret weapon happens to be a hairdryer – here’s how to wield it to pull off American chocolatey perfection.

    Buttermilk blueberry pancakes

    Why not make breakfast an evening affair? Credit: Samuel Pollen

    As pioneers of the all-day, all-you-can-eat breakfast, America would be the last to complain about eating these any time of day. There’s never a bad time for pancakes – and with the result of the election usually expected at around 5am, it could be just the incentive you need to roll out of bed and find out for yourself who won.