Get fighting fit with these 7 military training tips

    11 February 2020

    In the aftermath of yet another year of Christmas indulgence, where you owe yourself some 1500 burpees to get rid of the half stone of excess fat you put on, you could easily be impressed by ‘the next’ fancy fitness regime, that gets you nowhere.

    Sometimes it’s best to stick with the tried and tested – the tools that are known to be the most straightforward steps to success… with that said, let’s get underway.

    Less is More

    Perform the exercises that give you the most bang for your buck and get you the results you are so desperately looking for. Remember, the more muscle mass that is recruited during an exercise, the greater the physiological adaptation. Try to avoid the hundreds of ‘gimmicky’ exercises that can be found online or in magazines and focus on building the foundations.

    Set a goal and pursue it

    Once you have established what your fitness goal is, break it down in the smallest manageable sub-goals that work for you and get at it! Small goals are easy to reach and load you with small successes. Avoid flitting between one goal and the next. Be a great finisher, not just an enthusiastic starter!

    Learn to squat

    The squat is called ‘the King of Exercises’. And not without a reason! Squatting recruits the largest muscles in the body, creating the greatest adaptations and thus promoting results. Not only will it enhance your legs and glutes, it also strengthens the lower back and abdominals. Select a variation of squats that is appropriate for your ability and mobility levels.

    Master the hip hinge

    The hip hinge is a corner stone movement of many effective exercises. Without it, you will be at a serious disadvantage. Mastering the hip hinge will open up an abundance of exercises that will ensure progress and accelerate results.

    Follow a varied routine

    Include all of the following into your program — Squats, hinges, vertical and horizontal pushing, like ‘Military Press and ‘Bench Press’, vertical and horizontal pulling, like ‘Pull-up’ and ‘Bent-over Row’ and loaded carries. With these basics in mind you can make menus for years of training.

    Mind-muscle connection

    Think about the muscles you are using when executing an exercise. Minimise momentum i.e. swinging/rocking/heaving and maximise contraction i.e squeezing.

    Mix high-intensity interval training with cardio

    Use cardio and HIIT as tools. Keep in mind that mindless cardio will impact on your resistance training and overdoing HIIT could place detrimental stress on your nervous system and affect recovery. Know the impact of these tools and use them wisely.

    Be Military Fit has been helping people reach their fitness goals for over 20 years. Search for a venue in your area on and talk to the qualified instructors for more advice.