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    7 films to prepare you for a no deal Brexit

    3 October 2019

    With the prime minister continuing full steam ahead towards a No Deal Brexit, it’s time we all start preparing. Now, whether you believe the Remoaners warnings or think it’s all just fear mongering, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? And seeing as the worst possible outcome is being described as close to complete Armageddon, that’s probably the one we should all be ready for. Here are 7 movies to give you a complete guide into the important survival tools you’re going to need to survive.

    The Road – ditch non-essentials

    This film shows you the importance of packing light and only carrying what you need. Who knows the kind of destitute wasteland we may find ourselves in on November 1st. (plus should you need to resort to cannibalism it’s got some useful tips for that too – I hear inner thigh is particularly irresistible).

    World War Z – Stockpile

    As people already begin to hoard their favourite foods ahead of no deal Brexit, this film shows us the importance of immediately grabbing essentials especially when it comes to medicine (you may not want to rely on Matt Hancock’s giant fridges)

    Mad Max- Have fun

    It’s not all bad, while news stories warn of potential fuel shortages, Mad Max shows how fun joy rides looking for petrol can be – although I don’t think I could pull off a shaved head nearly as well as Charlize Theron.

    127 hours – be your own doctor

    If doctors and nurses become in short supply you may need to learn how to do your own first aid. This film can teach you endurance, perseverance and pain management. Who needs hospitals when you have a Swiss army knife?

    Alien vs Predator – make friends

    In Alien vs predator, in order to survive Lex must align herself with Predator, repeating the line ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. This is the same attitude the country will need no matter the outcome on October 31st when Leavers and Remainers alike will have to kiss and make up.

    Zombieland – follow the law

    With the second movie coming out soon, Zombieland is all about the rules. In a time where coups are being plotted, conventions broken and court rulings called into question we should all be reminded of the importance of playing by the rulebook.

    A Quiet Place – don’t mention the B word

    When November 1st hits, whatever happens, there’s going to be a lot of people wanting to say ‘I told you so’ on either side. It’s going to be endless and belligerent. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of this film and say nothing at all. After three years of going round in circles about how exactly to leave, the idea of a noise-sensitive monster pouncing on anyone who dares to breathe the word Brexit is oddly appealing.