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    6 reasons why it’s better to be single in Downing Street

    21 August 2019

    Our Prime Minister Boris Johnston and his girlfriend Carrie Symmonds have recently become the first unmarried couple to live in Downing Street. There have previously been four bachelors living at the prestigious property (the last in 1974) but all without a paramour and we think they may have had the right idea. Here are the 6 reasons why it’s best to enter Downing Street single.

    The dating game

    Let’s start with the most obvious reason: No 10 and Tinder are a match made in virtual heaven. A profile photo behind the podium outside that famous door is bound to have your DMs overrun and send thumbs swiping right. If there were ever a time to be single and reel in the suitors it’s while living on the sexiest street in London.

    Who wants to be a permanent plus one?

    There are lots of advantages to being Prime Minister, but most of these don’t apply to the PM’s partner. Instead, you get all the scrutiny, the pressure and none of the power.  Imagine how infuriating it would be to spend every party being asked for the views of your other half. Who would want to inflict that on a loved one?

    Have a Hugh Grant moment

    Being single gives you the opportunity to embody the best Prime Minister the country has ever had – Hugh Grant in Love Actually. Your single status will remind everyone of that lovable rogue and, most importantly, give you the opportunity to dance down the staircase to Girls Aloud.

    Turn it into a full-on bachelor pad

    No 10 currently has lots of spare rooms for children, even more if you live in No 11 where the last few Prime Ministers have chosen to reside. But if you didn’t need these, you could modernise the flat with some bachelor-pad-eque additions. The White House has a bowling lane – why doesn’t Downing Street? And there’s no need to stop there. I’m thinking a hot tub, an arcade, one of those indoor skydiving tunnels. Think of the extra cash you’d rake in letting it out on Air BnB.

    Less children, more pets

    I can’t name any of our former prime minister’s children. Let’s face it, nobody cares. Kids forced to smile dutifully and praise their perfect parents hardly makes headlines. Larry the cat on the other hand… His Twitter page has over 300 thousand followers (that’s 100 thousand more than Jeremy Hunt). And the photos of him posing for the cameras, or rejecting politicians are exactly what the news needs. If you have fewer children, you can have more pets. Boris discussed getting a small dog in No 10 but I want him to think bigger- a Rottweiler and a couple snakes would fit in perfectly alongside visiting politicians.

    Larry the cat (Photo: Getty)


    If you arrive a single pringle, you then have the opportunity to have a massive wedding at Chequers. It’s the perfect venue and everyone will want to come. Boris if you’re reading this I’m officially available to attend any weekend, all summer (sorry friends with weddings next year but this one takes priority).