6 Brexit-themed costumes for Halloween

    25 October 2019

    The Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox recently told MPs that the current Parliament is a “dead Parliament”, so why not embrace it this Halloween. It may no longer be the day we’re likely to leave Europe, but the spooky eve is still certain to be filled with Brexit references. October 31st has been drilled into our heads by Boris harder than Pythagoras during GCSEs. Here are the 6 best Brexit Halloween costumes to try at home.

    The Zombie deal

    The deal died and then came back so many times, it is definitely some kind of mutant zombie by now. Every time it seems to be gone and buried, it resurrects stronger than ever. And all this talk about the deal has given everyone such a headache it’s safe to assume it’s out for our brains.

    The Ghost of UKIP

    UKIP is well and truly dead. It’s a floaty white ghost (emphasis on white), which doesn’t pose too much threat other than causing a scene, pushing over furniture and ranting on twitter. Boo!

    The mummy pound

    The pound has fallen so many times it’s going to need a lot of bandages. Enter the mummy pound. For added hilarity feel free to trip over several times at your party and refuse to get up until Brexit is sorted (maybe take a nap while you’re down there)

    The Irish backstop

    The prospect of the Irish Backstop, ever since it emerged in Theresa May’s deal, has struck terror into the hearts of parliamentarians. So imagine being faced with it in the flesh. Now I’m not entirely sure how to do this, but I’m thinking an Irish flag, some Guinness and a cricket kit.

    Vampire Rees Mogg

    There’s not much reason for this one except for the fact that I’m 90 per cent sure the Leader of the House might be a vampire. Think about it – the formal attire, the pale complexion. Not to mention his obsession with the use of official titles – do you know who else had a similar proclivity? COUNT Dracula.

    The Joker (AKA Boris)

    Is he the villain stirring up hate or the misunderstood anti-hero speaking for the people? Either way the floppy hair and big smile, make this amalgamation worryingly easy to imagine (do send photos)