10 most read stories of 2017

From Rees-Moggs’ millions to Gogglebox, here’s a run down of Spectator Life’s most popular pieces from the last 12 months

1. The many, many millions of Mogg – Behind the old-fashioned suits and perfect manners, Jacob Rees-Mogg is a titan of high finance, says David Oldroyd-Bolt.

2. Jordan Peterson and the transgender wars – Tim Lott interviews the psychology professor who is in trouble with the transgender crowd.

3. I pity the fools who queue to get on planes – Mark Mason explains why he’s never in a rush to get on the plane.

4. As the left surges back, Marxism’s bloody legacy is covered up – Monuments to the victims of fascism exist everywhere, but communism’s victims are hardly remembered at all, says Roger Scruton.
5. The frock that rocked a nation – Willard Fox on how a reality TV show about wedding dresses almost brought down the 40-year-old Marxist government of Angola.

6. My life as a Gogglebox star – Mary Killen on her watching brief.

7. The best places to eat in and around London Bridge – Borough Market is at the centre of one of London’s most exciting foodie scenes, says Ed Smith.

8. Do parents really matter? – Parenting does not have a large impact on how children turn out, says Brian Boutwell.

9. Why Enid Blyton is still the queen of children’s books – Emma Lee-Potter on the enduring appeal of Blyton’s novels.

10. 10 commandments for the public house – David Butterfield says the perfect pub should provide an alcohol-abetted escape from the modern world.