Five most read articles of 2016

From left wing berks to rip off wine lists, here’s a run down of Spectator Life’s most popular pieces from the last 12 months


23 Dec 2016

Here’s a selection of our five most read articles of the last 12 months, from socialist wallies to Jack Reacher, via WH Smith….

1. A handy guide to left wing people for the under 10s – Andy Shaw gave us an exhaustive primer on how to spot a socialist.

2. The good, the bad and the ugly: a guided tour of Westminster’s pubs – Alex Wickham went in search of a scoop on a Westminster crawl.

3. WH Smith has become a national embarrassment – David Butterfield argued that a once great chain has become a disgrace to the high street.

4. We name and shame the worst wine mark-ups in London restaurants – Bruce Palling exposed the capital’s biggest wine list rip offs.

5. Five reasons why the Jack Reacher novels are brilliant – Stav Sherez argued that Lee Child’s Reacher novels deserve critical respect to go with their huge success.