Why I’m now saying no to selfies

Twitter trolls be damned, I’m not posing cosily with anyone I don’t know from now on


14 Nov 2016

‘Can I have a selfie?’ These words strike fear into my heart. Thanks, Tom Cruise, for starting this trend several years back: at a movie premiere in Leicester Square he kept the audience waiting for two hours while he posed with every fan lining the red carpet.

But there’s a danger in doing selfies. Being hugged and snuggled up to by a stranger came back to haunt me when a picture was posted on Facebook claiming I was a close friend.

It reminded me of an incident that occurred during the height of my fame in Dynasty, when a man asked for a photo with me and then went on to claim that I was his ‘fidanzata’ and engaged to marry him, parlaying this into some modicum of fame on talkshows in Italy.

So I’ve decided there will be no more selfies now, unless I take them. Sorry, fans — you can snap me as I walk into an event or down the street but I’m not posing cosily with anyone I don’t know.

Oh dear. I guess the Twitter trolls will try to get me now, when they’ve finished with Donald Trump.