Trump’s appeal can be summed up in five words

The media may crucify him, but he speaks to a white working class ignored by the bien-pensant elites

High Life

28 Jan 2016

The Dolly Sisters were off to Davos last week for the World Economic Forum: Nat Rothschild and Sebastian Taylor in their finest playing up to Harry Selfridge, in reality Christine Lagarde, the IMF chief. This total waste of a week advertises itself as a discussion of the global issues of the day. In reality, it’s utter twaddle, unless one is networking like the Dolly Sisters, or showing off like Justin Trudeau, the Canadian premier whose mother is Margaret, once upon a time a Studio 54 regular and a friend of yours truly.

Old Greek ship-owning families, prominent ones such as the Livanoses, Goulandrises and Chandrises, eschew such shenanigans, leaving them to that downmarket version of Zorba the Greek, Alexis Tsipras. His vulgar manner and hairy appearance would have pleased the likes of Tom Driberg and Guy Burgess almost as much as he’s pleased the Greek electorate, who have twice voted him prime minister within a year.

Not everyone in Davos is a hustler, starting with the sainted editor of this magazine, who writes in the Diary this week about his surprise at a £52 hamburger. You should try Gstaad during the high season, oh exalted one. Another good man among the barbarians was Dimitris Diamandopoulos, aka Jamie Dimon, of J.P. Morgan fame. Yes, we Greeks get around, but most of us dislike mingling in the circus of egotism and self-absorption that Davos has become. And speaking of Greeks, all of us here in Gstaad have decided to boycott the Academy Awards this year because no Hellenes have been nominated.

Actually, although I have been invited to the after-Oscars party these past 20 years, by the Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, I have never attended. That’s because, year after year, no Greek actor or actress has been nominated. I have spoken to my NBF Harvey Weinstein about having more Greeks among those who vote, but Harvey wasn’t aware that we had moving pictures in old Hellas. Especially talkies. Anyway, the mother of my children has decided to boycott watching the awards, which should scare the shit out of the networks, so expect Greek actors and actresses to be nominated next year for the first Technicolor movie that is also a talkie in the land of Tsipras. Who said that African-American methods of crying foul non-stop don’t work. The next thing you know, Charlotte Rampling will accuse Greeks of being anti-American, heaven forbid.

But let’s be serious for a change: what they should have been discussing up in the Alps is that jihadism is not about to be defeated in 2016, and that war and misery in the Middle East and Africa will send millions and millions of people to Europe. Tunis, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey, France, Iraq, Syria and Egypt are under attack, and the fat cats up high on the Swiss mountainside are discussing robotics and artificial intelligence. The migrant crisis is the greatest threat to Europe since a certain Austrian-born failed artist decided to send his Panzers east and west. A German chancellor was the bad guy back then, and a German chancellor is the bad guy today — a fact that kills this Greco-German, who loves the country of Goethe and Beethoven and Rundstedt and Guderian even more than he loves Ava Gardner and Betty Grable.

But not to worry. Uncle Sam has the Saudis on his side — and William Kristol. The latter is a short fat man whose rhetoric and propagandising helped convince George W., the most intelligent man ever to inhabit the White House, to attack Iraq in 2003. And I ask you, dear readers: how is it possible that a man like Kristol and his fellow neocons are still influential in Washington after they have aided and abetted the greatest American foreign-policy disaster ever? Millions have become refugees, perhaps a couple of million have died, close to two trillion greenbacks have been wasted, and still these people are swanning around DC spreading their foul ideas.

Their latest gambit is to sink Donald Trump. The Donald’s consistency in the polls can be explained in five words: he speaks for the ignored. People in both the US and in Europe are sick and tired of the threats of terrorism, race riots and multiculturalism. And, most of all, of political correctness. Trump has a ready audience among white working-class people, the very same people elitists and the bien pensant like the neocons ignore and actually think very little of. The media have been having a hell of a time crucifying Trump — no adjective is left unsaid — yet still he clings to his polls.

After the great Enoch Powell speech alluding to the Roman poet Virgil, he became a non-person because Ted Heath was shocked — shocked that someone in his party spoke the truth. Yet 74 per cent of those surveyed agreed with what the great Enoch had said. No one ever mentions this fact, just the allusion to the rivers of blood.

Race and immigration are two things, like sex and money used to be, that people are not allowed to talk about. Well, they can all go to hell. The EU is a dictatorship by unelected bureaucrats that wishes to control out lives. Our elected representatives know this yet they are doing everything they can to perpetuate it. That’s what they should have been discussing in Davos.