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Wake up to the English version of the croissant

Not all buns are created equal. So let me introduce you to the mother bun, the bun to end all buns: the morning scroll bun.

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How gentrification killed the jellied eel

Jellied eels were London’s original fast food. That was, until the hipsters arrived in the East End.

Winking Woman in Coffin

The undertaker who gave us all a morbid fear of eating fat

Fleshy hips and heaving bosoms used to be revered. So where did it all go wrong?

Turkey Dinner

The Sunday roast is dying – and the Tories are to blame

Mrs Thatcher introduced the first bill to allow for Sunday trading in 1986; then the change ultimately happened under John Major.


A strawberry cheesecake for the Great British Summer

It’s easy to forget quite how joyful strawberries are when you’ve been eating them for 28 years.


Let us eat cake – but only occasionally

Cake has lost its charm – and The Great British Bake Off is partly to blame

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'The Dinner Party'

In defence of dinner parties

My wife prefers restaurants. She’s wrong

Grouse Shooting - Glorious Twelfth

There like a shot: where to eat grouse on the Glorious Twelfth

A guide for anyone stuck in the capital rather than a grouse moor.

Smiley face toast o a plate

How breakfast became the brattiest meal of the day

The range of choice is turning us all into monsters.

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The joy of ugly food

It’s time to embrace ugliness in cooking.

Spiced chicken before roasting

Can I convince my father to like chicken?

He is eighty one, walks with a cane, and is a traditional sort of British gent. And he has never liked chicken.

W Hotel's Anarch-Tea

Cake expectations: A guide to afternoon tea

It’s one of the great English contributions to civilisation, this mid-afternoon break for tea and cake.

Fresh Blackberries view background

Why berries are the fruit of female solidarity

Berries helped create a society among women of mutual help and consideration.

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Odysseus and Calypso in the caves of Ogygia. Painting by Jan Brueghel the Elder

Can an ancient Hellenic concept solve Greece’s food crisis?

Greece is looking backwards to help it move forwards.

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Are apples evil?

Apples have often been involved in man’s fall from grace.

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Bake a Breton cake, wrap up warm and head to the sea

When I feel homesick for the sea, I bake this cake.

'It's neither one thing nor another thing': Fergus Henderson on brunch (Photo: Carl Court/Getty)

Why breakfast still trumps brunch

Brunch is neither one thing nor another thing. Better to stick with breakfast and lunch.


In defence of cheap mayonnaise

There’s a reason some of the most beloved items in our kitchen cupboards have survived so long.

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How to be confident with custard

I’m pretty sure I’ve finally cracked custard.