'It’s not authentic, but it’s delicious '

How to make cheat’s risotto

A recipe to follow when the thought of doing anything other than opening and closing the oven door is overwhelming

The first recipe for jam appears in the first known cookbook, De Re Coquinaria (Getty)

Jam: a beautifully preserved history

Joan of Arc, Nostradamus and Louis XIV were all partial to jam

Here's what you're aiming for (Getty)

The secret to making perfect pizza at home

Forget dialling for a takeaway, here are six tips for making flawless pizza

A batch the Vintage Chef made earlier

How to bake creme brûlée cupcakes

Making cupcakes sophisticated involves light sponge and lashings of silky custard

A staff member holds up a nine-scoop cone at a Toronto ice cream parlour (Getty)

We’ll never stop screaming for ice cream

From frozen flowers to breast milk, ice cream has a rich and surprising history

St Peter Port in Guernsey (Getty)

On the hunt for good food in Guernsey

The Guernsey International Food Festival aims to put the Channel Island on the culinary map

Sign for area wineries, Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara (Getty)

There’s more to California wine than Napa

Wines from the Santa Ynez Valley are more than worthy of our attention

'A sturdy bread, that will support the heartiest of sandwiches'

How to bake perfect spelt bread

A recipe for bread that’s doesn’t require skill, implements or fancy ingredients

'Choose 2015 for wine that comes with bags of ripe fruit and freshness' (Getty)

2015 is the only vintage wine-lovers need to remember

If your mind goes blank when picking out a bottle, just go for one very good year

The champagne was on ice, but not for long (Getty)

An absolutely fabulous guide to quaffing champagne

Ab Fab’s Helen Lederer celebrates National Champagne Week in style

'Killing a cold-blooded scaly creature was somehow easier than dispatching a fluffy bunny' (Getty)

Mackerel: an easy catch of the day

The Ethical Carnivore offers up her recipe for mackerel baked in oatmeal with gooseberry sauce

Close up of seconded with butter and jam
The Ritz in London (Getty)

5 of Britain’s new Michelin-starred restaurants

The Ritz, Wild Rabbit and Veeraswamy have all been awarded a coveted star in the Michelin Guide 2017

Three jears of jam on table.

The French don’t need British jam

The art of jam making is known to every European culture

Bourbon cocktails are on offer at Hackney House (drinkup.london)

Good spirits: A guide to London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week is bringing an array of wild and wonderful booze to the capital

'The icing is what makes this cake special'

How to bake a messy but magical plum cake

Home baking is about cosiness, not perfection

A customer walks into the 'The Hinds Head', owned by Heston Blumenthal, in Bray (Getty)

Stay-at-home drinkers should get out and support their local gastropub

We needed gastropubs to improve the pub-going experience. Now, they need us.

The amended website of the British Colonial Co.

Why can’t Australians cope with a British Empire-themed restaurant?

The British Colonial Co. faced a backlash when it announced it was taking its inspiration from ‘the stylish days’ of the British Empire

'Shooting a rabbit seemed the natural place to start sourcing my own food in the countryside' (Getty)

How to cook a rabbit, the ethical way

In an exclusive series for Spectator Life, Louise Gray shares recipes learnt during her year only eating animals she killed herself

Honey fair in Moscow

Honey: the nectar of gods and posh hippies

Honey has been prized throughout history and its sweet appeal shows no sign of abating

Samantha at Maman Le Mot

The immersive theatre show that put me off my dinner

An ‘Allo ‘Allo-style dining experience comes with big clichés and tiny portions

Gwyneth Paltrow, author of 'It's all Good' (Photo: Getty)

Ethical eating should replace gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins

Because it isn’t about changing the world – it’s about bigging up one’s moral status


When healthy eating was a packet of salt-and-vinegar crisps. Golden Wonder, not Walkers

I always smuggle a couple of subversive Digestive biscuits into my daughter’s school lunch box

Steak & Kidney Pudding
Chateau d'Yquem in Sauternes (Photo: Getty)

What’s a travelling oenophile to do?

Nothing beats drinking Chateau d’Yquem in a tropical paradise