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Wrap up warm, bake a Breton cake and head to the sea

I was born by the sea, and grew up by the sea. I am from South Shields, a small coastal…

'It's neither one thing nor another thing': Fergus Henderson on brunch (Photo: Carl Court/Getty)

Why breakfast still trumps brunch

A summer London morning of cool sunshine; it should have felt wonderful to be alive but there were minor delays…


In defence of cheap mayonnaise

Post-Brexit, the knives are out. Miriam Gonzalez Durantez has revealed in a new book her surprise at being served Hellmann’s mayonnaise by Samantha…

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How to be confident with custard

Lately, I have dreamt in custard. Lying in bed last night, I could have sworn I could smell the faint…

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Summer calls for Pimm’s, not Aperol Spritz

Am I alone in thinking that Pimm’s has made a quiet retreat from summer life? It used to be the…


On the pleasures of nostalgia glamour: Le Caprice, revisited

Twenty five years ago, I was a young green thing just out of university. It was a benign John Major…


‘Perfect Instagram fodder’ – Rawligion reviewed

It’s not easy being green, as Van Morrison sang. It’s not cheap either. One of the chief criticisms of pretty-girl…


What will Brexit mean for British food?

In her 1950 début cookbook, Mediterranean Cooking, Elizabeth David quoted the French chef, Marcel Boulestin: ‘It is not really an…


Theresa May’s Ottolenghi revelation is gobsmacking

Forget footwear. The most telling thing about Theresa May, as suggested in interview with Robert Peston, is her cookbook collection…


What will heaven be if not a charming room in Islington, full of delicious food? – Smoke & Salt reviewed

Upstairs at the Chapel Bar in Islington, the windows at Smoke & Salt overlook a terrace bedecked with pot plants and…


Food in the nude isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: The Bunyadi, reviewed

I’m not a stranger to getting my kit off. I once spent a day on the tube in a bikini,…


Even hungry migrants won’t eat the food in Italy

Frozen fish, insipid sauces, dry bread and cheapskate pizza

The Moynat Malle Bicyclette (classy picnic basket with bike attached), £33,659

For the ultimate posh picnic, the sky’s the limit

Silver napkin rings £350, basket with bike attached £33,659… or come back down to earth with classy tin plates for £5.95


Will these new apps be an Uber for eating?

EatAbout and Dish Next Door connect chefs and amateur cooks to hungry diners, cutting out the restaurant trade entirely



Violet Hudson throws a dinner party using Amazon’s food delivery service

Author Sebastian Faulks raises a glass o

At 19, heavy drinking was the only one way I could prepare for University Challenge

Our opponents were already in the studio looking brainy and sober

Raspberry blancmange

Blancmange is either ignored or despised: here’s how to make one that’s neither slimy nor bland

Much more subtle than its lurid cousin the jelly, it never belonged at children’s parties


To drink a beer called ‘Maple Bacon Coffee Porter’ is to say: ‘I’m better than you

How fussy fans of ‘artisan’ brewing brought hipster snobbery to the everyman world of beer-drinking

Bordeaux red wine bottle corks

You won’t make a profit buying Bordeaux en primeur

Snce 2008 punters have lost money on every single vintage except 2012