Comparing Denmark to Nazi Germany is offensive – the Danes saved my Jewish family from Hitler

“We are heading into a European Winter of Discontent,” a senior German business figure predicted when we met last October, “and

Students protest against the statue of British colonialist Cecil John Rhodes outside the University of Cape Town (Photo: PA Images)

Rhodes mustn’t fall

As a person of colour of South African heritage who was lucky enough to go to Oxford, I was ashamed

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Trump and the Brits

I don’t suppose Trump will lose much sleep over the debate in the House of Commons about whether to admit

Katie Hopkins (Photo: Getty)

I’m no Katie Hopkins!

One Twitter insult can get under the skin of this political journalist above all others

England, 1950, Manchester Grammar School, Pupils are pictured in the art hall, studying the model  (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Why we need grammar schools

Keeping high culture alive is vital for the preservation of peace and democracy


Lunch with the future leader of the Labour party

Jess Phillips is a gobby Brummie with the balls to drag the Labour party back from Korbyn’s Keystone Kommunism


Why do failed socialists end up at Harvard?

America’s most prestigious university has become a rest home for Labour party grandees


Did CND ever take Moscow gold?

Britain’s anti-nukes movement was long reputed to be bankrolled by the Kremlin…but was it?


My trip to the edge of sanity

Fans say this drug can cure heroin addiction… but its use is controversial and illegal

Reproduced by permission of the national Library of Scotland

Garden wars… fierce rivalry and oneupmanship in west London

From basement conversions to children’s parties as a competitive sport, the well-heeled are at war


How to survive the bush

In an African bar near my cattle ranch in Kenya there’s a mural of a man struggling up a tree.


It’s so sad the way they spoiled Selfridges

In my childhood it was a place of enchantment. Today it’s just another garish shopping mall